Over 50 Beneficiaries Will Undergo Free Surgeries Worth N10million From Ogun NGOs

ABEOKUTA – Not less than 50 people will benefit from free surgery operation put together by CommonHealth Foundation (CHF), Human Concern Foundation International (HCFI) and two other organizations in Ogun state.

The surgeries, according to the Chairman, CommonHealth Foundation, Dr. Saheed Sanni worth N10 million.

Dr. Sanni who announced this in a statement, said ahead of the free surgery outreach, medical personnel had performed surgical screening for selected beneficiaries on 22nd to 26th November at two designated medical centres in Abeokuta, the State capital.

He explained that his foundation in collaboration with selected Community Based organizations in Abeokuta, The Patriots and The Standard Bearers, are putting the health outreach programme together to address surgery-related health issues of residents.

He added that the surgeries will be conducted on series of health cases at the HOB and Lekfad Medical Centres respectively in Abeokuta, on 4th and 5th December, 2021.

“We aim to carry out a Free Surgery Outreach for indigent patients with relatively minor surgical conditions that are amenable to surgical treatment as day-case. These patients are not able to afford the care due to financial challenges from low income earnings and poor access to specialist surgeons that are experts in such field.

“CHF in conjunction with other organizations with similar interest and objectives on health care wishes to organize this surgery outreach by bringing together volunteer surgeons and other healthcare professionals all over the country who are experts in management of such common surgical conditions to the rural areas for the surgery. This is the first among the series to be done.”

“We plan to operate 50 patients in two days using two health facilities located in Abeokuta as surgeons and other healthcare providers will be operating simultaneously in these health facilities to cover these cases.”

“The schedule is to operate 25 cases a day as the surgeons will work on the repair of hernias in children and adults (abdomen and groin), accumulated testicular fluids, breast lumps and abnormally located fatty tissues (Lipoma excision).

“The patients have been screened by personnel for fitness for surgery and proper preparation for the case and counselling on postoperative care.

“The personnel mobilized for the free surgery outreach include physicians, surgeons, anesthetists, pharmacists, nurses, and porters.”

“The funds will be disbursed for consumables, medications, putting the theatres in good shape including instrumentation, logistics, transportation and welfare of workers.”

The CommonHealth Foundation (CHF) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) of Muslim Medical Professionals whose main objective is to improve heath indices of the populace via publicity, advocacy, programmes, and projects including medical and surgical outreaches.

The Patriots and The Standard Bearers are Community Based Organisations in Abeokuta with a focus on the health, social and economic empowerment of members in communities.


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