LASG sensitises Lagosians on regular exercise for healthy living

AbdulLateef gave the charge during the 2018 “Walk for Life and Peace”, organised by Human Concern Foundation International (HCFI) in Lagos.

He urged Lagosians to change their lifestyle by taking a minimum of 10,000 steps every day. “Taking a walk every day is a way to a new life, it strengthens the body defence mechanism. “So many people are addicted to drugs and these drugs have a lot of side effect in the body. “What we need to do is a change of lifestyle by taking a minimum of 10,000 steps every day, it is a way to a new life,” he said. AbdulLateef commended the HCFI for organising the walk and advise Lagosians to imbibe the spirit of walking so that they can remain healthy.

The Coordinator of HCFR, Dr Ibrahim Oreagba, said HCFI is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to welfare and health of the populace.

According to Oreagba, “Work For Life” is one of the several activities of the organisation and it is designed to raise health consciousness of people and also serve as a practical keep fit initiative. “Walk deflects diabetes, improves sex life, prevent obesity, lowers blood pressure, get you off medication, fade fibromyalgia pain, help beat breast cancer and reduce the risk of stroke,” he said.

The coordinator noted that regular walking gives an optimal life, a life of peace and tranquillity. “There are certain hormones in the body that we call endorphins, they are also known as feel-good hormones. “Each time you do exercise, these hormones are produced,” he said.

He commended the pharmaceutical companies and generous individual who make the walk possible. The Amir of The Muslim Congress (TMC), Dr Luqman AbdurRaheem, remarked that the walking culture was dying in the society, adding that that was why HCFI has decided to organise the walk annually. “Whenever we showcase the walk, we make sure we tag it with the current situation in the country. “This time around as we are working for life, we are also working for peace. “We have decided to promote peace and tranquillity as we are doing the walk, due to communal crisis and war in different parts of the country,” he said.

Also speaking, the Executive Director of the Jaiz Charity Foundation, Imam Abdullahi Shuaib, urged Lagosians to take their health serious because a healthy man is a wealthy man “If you want to be wealthy then you have to trend the part of being healthy. “You need to know your physical status and your health status and this is one of the things that the foundation has been doing over the years to ensure that Nigerians keep fit in order to be wealthy.

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